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Am I entitled to Attendance Allowance?

Attendance Allowance is a benefit for people who need extra help because of a long-term physical or mental disability, including dementia.

It is a weekly allowance that is paid at two different rates, how much you get depends on the level of care that you need because of your disability. It is not means tested so it doesn’t matter what other income you have.

The lower rate is for people who need frequent help or constant supervision during the day or supervision during the night. The current rate is £61.85 per week.

The higher rate is for people who need help through both the day and night. The current rate is £92.40 per week.

You can spend it however you like. To pay for help at home or in the garden, to pay for taxi’s, help towards your household bills, or to pay for living aids to help improve your daily life. You can even use it to go out with friends to help you stay connected to the community.

To apply, you need to fill in the Attendance Allowance application form, which you can download from the Government website here. If you would like more information, or help to complete the application form, please give us a call on 0344 324 6589.


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