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Our Mission

We exist to improve the emotional and physical wellbeing of anyone, and everyone affected by dementia – be that the person with dementia, their family and friends, or their caregivers. Driven by our own experiences, we’re on a mission to ensure dementia advice, support and community are not only easily accessible, but provide an enriching and uplifting experience during difficult times. 

A respite from the real world

Living with dementia is hard, especially when the outside world can be less than accommodating.

Inspired by our own lived experiences, we provide a safe space for you and your loved one to be yourself, so that you can bring a bit of normality back into your routine.  

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Creating special moments

As dementia progresses it can be hard to continue doing the things you love and sometimes it can be difficult to socialise and stay a part of the community

Through our peer support groups, events, activities, and outings, we aim to provide the opportunity for you to meet new people and make new friends so that you can enjoy life and stay connected to your community. 

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